Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week: New WIP and Aro Book List

Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week goes from February 19th to February 25th, so what better time to announce my new project? I’m currently working on a shot story titled “By Your Side”. It’s about a bisexual woman who just got out of a bad relationship and an aromantic man who is her friend and roommate. IContinue reading “Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week: New WIP and Aro Book List”

WIP: Song Of Phoenix and Ink

When I first published “What the stars didn’t show us”, I wanted it to be the push that forced me to take writing seriously and start writing regularly. I was surprised by how fast I managed to write “Song of Phoenix and Ink”, but I’m happy that the push really worked (at least for now).Continue reading “WIP: Song Of Phoenix and Ink”