By Your Side – A Queerplatonic Short Story

[ cover art by @fedzz_z ]

new adult – contemporary

Emma’s relationship ends abruptly when she comes across her boyfriend cheating on her at a party. Yet another failed relationship brings her repressed platonic feelings for one of her best friends to the surface once more.
Emma’s scared to voice her worries and desires, but even if she manages to bring up how she feels, how will Noah react to such a revelation?

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Content Warnings: cheating, smoking (cigarettes), brief mention of smoking weed and alcohol consumption, cursing, brief description of food, mention of past emotionally abusive relationship, brief allusion to past suicidal ideations, victim blaming, arophobia, general ignorance regarding non romantic and platonic relationships, doubts and insecurities.

Representation: bisexual female main character, aromantic male main character, bisexual male side character (in a relationship with a nonbinary person who however does not appear in the story).

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