Get an ARC of “Song of Phoenix and Ink”

You guessed it! My book “Song of Phoenix and Ink” is finished and ready to be published! Only two things are missing right now: the cover, which is currently in the works, and ARC readers.

If you would like to be able to read and review my book before it gets published, all you have to do is go to this form and fill it out.

This is the official synopsis of my novel, which you can also already find on goodreads:

“All Nadzia Kaminski wanted was to finish writing her novel.
When she finally finished the manuscript for Crimson Mayhem, she did what any writer would: gave it to her best friend to read. Her friend’s reaction, however, wasn’t what she had expected and, upset by her criticism, Nadzia left her at the café where they had met.
Waking up the next morning, Nadzia was no longer in her bedroom, finding herself in a world of her creation, surrounded by dangerous magic and vaguely familiar settings.
With a country at war and no clear way home, time is running out and Nadzia has to find a way to gain the trust of the very people she created and figure out her confusing feelings for two of her own characters.
She soon realizes stories aren’t perfect when there is no one left to write them.”

The book contains queer, poc and disabilty representation. It will have character art inside, as well as this beautiful map kindly drawn by Daniela A. Mera!

WIP: Song Of Phoenix and Ink

When I first published “What the stars didn’t show us”, I wanted it to be the push that forced me to take writing seriously and start writing regularly. I was surprised by how fast I managed to write “Song of Phoenix and Ink”, but I’m happy that the push really worked (at least for now).

The book is now currently being read and reviewed by my lovely beta readers. Some of them already finished it and told me in details about their opinions. I took into consideration the observations they made until now, and I decided to add some scenes, both inside the book and at the end. I believe adding those scenes would be useful to understand the story more.

The book will need a lot of fixing and editing once all the beta readers are done, but I’m excited because without them I probably wouldn’t have realized that some things were missing.

While I wait for them to finish, I’m commissioning a friend to draw all the characters. I plan on adding the illustrations in the physical copies, so look forward to that.