Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week: New WIP and Aro Book List

Sharing info about my new project and a book list of aromantic books for Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week.

20 February 2023

COVER REVEAL: Tears In The Water

My new book, Tears In The Water, comes out on January 17, which is just a little bit more than a month away! Are you ready to see the cover?

14 December 2022

Book Birthday!!

Song of Phoenix and Ink is finally out! Here’s where you can find it.

6 May 2022


Here’s all the new info about Song of Phoenix and Ink!

12 April 2022

Get an ARC of “Song of Phoenix and Ink”

Song of Phoenix and Ink is finished and ready to be published! Only two things are missing right now: the cover, which is currently in the works, and ARC readers.

12 February 2022

WIP: Song Of Phoenix and Ink

I wrote another book!

23 October 2021

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