By Your Side – A Queerplatonic Short Story is the title of my next release, which will be published on June 13th. This story features a bisexual female main character and an aromantic male main character, as well as their queerplatonic bond. This is the official synopsis: “Emma’s relationship ends abruptly when she comes acrossContinue reading “COVER and SYNOPSIS REVEAL: By Your Side”

Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week: New WIP and Aro Book List

Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week goes from February 19th to February 25th, so what better time to announce my new project? I’m currently working on a shot story titled “By Your Side”. It’s about a bisexual woman who just got out of a bad relationship and an aromantic man who is her friend and roommate. IContinue reading “Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week: New WIP and Aro Book List”

COVER REVEAL: Tears In The Water

My new book, Tears In The Water, comes out on January 17, which is just a little bit more than a month away! This is my first book with trans representation and it’s also a very personal and important book for me. This is the official synopsis: “At White Ravens University, where athletes train toContinue reading “COVER REVEAL: Tears In The Water”


It’s official! “Song of Phoenix and Ink“ will be published on May 3rd 2022! It is already available for preorder on amazon, for anyone who wants to support me. It will be published in kindle format, as well as in paperback. Since there are illustrations inside the book, the paperback will have two editions: coloredContinue reading “COVER REVEAL and RELEASE DATE announcement”